Official McLaren-V Concept Photos

Here is the official concept for the McLaren-V tuning program. The style and performance is nothing less than perfection from our design team. We have made sure that there is no compromise or comparison for this sculpted vehicle.

Our tuning program consists of:

•Carbon Pre-Preg Front Bumper Replacement
•Carbon Pre-Preg Front Bumper Lip Spoiler
•Carbon Pre-Preg Side Blade Attachments (4-PCS)
•Carbon Pre-Preg Vented Rear Bumper Replacement
•Carbon Pre-Preg Rear Diffuser
•20 & 21 inch forged wheels

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Vorsteiner at Bimmerfest 2013

Here’s a look Vorsteiner’s booth at Bimmerfest 2013. We featured our latest tuning programs for the M5, M6, and the F30 3 series along with our new wheel designs. BMW enthusiasts gathered to see what we were up to and was pleased with what we had to offer.

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Outdoor Photo Shoot with Vorsteiner’s BMW X5M

An awesome photo shoot for an awesome vehicle. The BMW E70 X5M is dressed in Vorsteiner’s tuning program including the VS-110 1-piece forged aluminum wheels.

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V-GT Tuning Program for the Porsche 991 Carrera

Here is a look at the V-GT Tuning Program from Vorsteiner on the Porsche 991 Carrera.

  • V-GT Front Add-On Spoiler Replacement Carbon Fiber with Center GT Splitter
  • V-GT Side Rocker Panels Add-On Carbon Fiber with integrated sill blades
  • V-GT Rear Diffuser Element Replacement with Integrated Aero Fins & Underbody Panel
  • V-GT Deck Lid Gurney Add-On Spoiler Carbon Fiber
  • VS-110 Forged Monoblock Wheels Bright Liquid Silver 21x9J | 21x11J
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255 30 21 | 305 25 21

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Vorsteiner Teaser Pictures of the Rolls Royce Ghost

The new tuning program for Rolls Royce Ghost is captured in these teaser shots from the studio. More pictures to be released soon.

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Outdoor Photo Shoot with the Vorsteiner C63 AMG Coupe

Some of the latest images of the Vorsteiner tuning program for the C63 AMG Coupe. The boot lid will be introduced soon to the tuning program as we are putting the finishing touches. For now just enjoy the outstanding photos.

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1M Outdoor Photo Shoot

The symphony of style and perfection is shown in this latest photo shoot featuring the 1 Series M. The harmony of performance and aesthetics is represented in these images and shows the GTS-V 1M taking command of the road.

The Vorsteiner GTS-V 1M has a powerful presence and inspires confidence while in the driver’s seat. It is a well orchestrated integration of components that is more than just fashion pieces. While the enhancing pieces makes the world stand still and take notice, it provides an improvement to air flow, gives additional downforce, and reduces drag.

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Vorsteiner V-CT Tuning Program for the Porsche 958 Cayenne

Vorsteiner’s uncompromising pursuit for perfection produces the V-CT tuning program for the Porsche 958 Cayenne. The V-CT is a blend of visual ecstasy with a dash of road ripping performance. Our designers and engineers have worked feverishly to produce aerodynamic components that perform to the standards that is expected from a Vorsteiner product with the fit and finish that can only be described as perfection.

The V-CT tuning program consists of a front spoiler carbon fiber, side skirts carbon fiber, and a rear diffuser carbon fiber. Each can be either finished with color to match the vehicle or with the 1×1 optical carbon fiber exposed for a more elegant look.

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The Limited Edition GTRS-5 Wide Body is now Available

To commemorate the retiring of the E92 M3, Vorsteiner is proud to introduce the next generation of GTRS series widebody conversions. The BMW M3 GTRS5 commands attention with its presence on the road or track. Its unmistakable race car stance is true to the heritage of the GTRS3 but has its own distinct characteristics.

Perfection is in the detail which is the reason for the redesigned front and rear bumper covers. The new styling enhancements give the GTRS5 a more aggressive look but more importantly it adds to the functionality and performance. The front bumper is designed with additional vertical vents to allow for improved airflow.

The rear bumper cover integrated diffuser features slightly longer aero fins to assist in creating additional downforce. Along either side of the rear bumper is the vertical vents with carbon fiber inserts. More than just a beauty piece, the design change is to enhance performance by increasing air flow and reduce drag.

The alluring mystique of the GTRS5 is it will be a limited production of 40 worldwide and is currently available.

The GTRS5 tuning program consists of the follow components:

  • Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Integrated with Optical Carbon Fiber Chin Spoiler
  • Carbon Fiber Wide Arch Front Fenders
  • Carbon Fiber Extended Side Skirts
  • Carbon Fiber Wide Arch Rear Quater Panels
  • Vorsteiner Embroidered Floor Mats
  • Vorsteiner Chrome Trunk Badge Emblem
  • Vorsteiner VS-310 3-Piece Concave Forged Aluminum Wheels
  • Nitto Invo Performance Tires

Optional Items Include:

  • GTS3 Carbon Fiber Vented Race Hood
  • GTRS3 Carbon Fiber Boot Lid
  • E9X M3 Titanium Sport Exhaust System

To Visit the Interactive Website: Click Here

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Vorsteiner Tuning Program for the Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG

Introducing the new program for the Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG.

  • Front Add-on Spoiler Carbon Fiber
  • Front Hood Grill Replacement Carbon Fiber
  • Front Fender Grill Cover Carbon Fiber
  • Side Skirt Panels Carbon Fiber
  • Rear Boot Lid Spoiler Carbon Fiber
  • Rear Vented Diffuser Element Carbon Fiber
  • 19, 20, or 21 Inch Forged Wheels Forged Aluminum
  • Stainless or Titanium Sport Exhaust system
  • Vorsteiner Custom Embroidered Floor Mats and Trunk Mats with Piping Color Option

Components will be available in the late summer of 2012

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